1. Dominion Chapel Houston (DCH) is a parish of The Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG). 
  1. We are a lighthouse to all nations! DCH is a multi-ethnic church called to impact our community, our nation and our world. We are progressive in our thoughts and ideas on outreach, but remain solid in our foundation and beliefs. We hope that DCH is a place that you will call home. We are a congregation that values and cares for one another. We love God, we love people, and would love for you to join us.
  1. We want you to come just as you are. When you walk through our doors you may see people in suits and ties, but you will also see people in jeans and t-shirts. What matters to us is that when you visit, you are comfortable. We hope that when you come through our doors, you feel loved and welcomed. If you ever need anything, always feel free to contact us. We love to hear from our new visitors.


  1. We exist for three main reasons that we feel very strongly about. We believe that focusing on God, His Word and on each other is what God calls for us to do and we trust in the Lord and follow his will. 
  1. As long as we keep our focus on God, we cannot stray. God has set forth a path for us to follow. He has a very specific set of plans that he wants us to follow, and it is our mission to follow His instructions as closely as possible. We understand that we all fall short of the glory of God. We pray and work everyday to do our very best. 
  2. We strongly believe that if we follow the Word, we will grow stronger as a community, and close to God. The Bible is the blueprint on how we should live our lives. We rely heavily on what the Bible says so that we may not stray away from the path that God has set before us.
  3. As long as we love one another we will grow stronger as a community of believers. We feel that engaging in fellowship is a very important tool that God calls for us to do as often as possible. If we continue to reach the lost and broken, and extend grace, God will bless us for our efforts.




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