Outreach at DCH is a life style. We are called to make an impact and we are called to take Houston for Christ. There are several different departments you can volunteer in to make a difference in our community.

Food Outreach

Our DCH Impact volunteers serve around 200 families (over 800 individuals) food every month. Through this ministry we distribute approximately 15-17 thousand pounds of food each month to those in need in the Stafford/Houston community. Every month the food has to be sorted, packed and given to those in need. During the Food Outreach we offer free medical check-ups, nutritional training and prayer to those who are hurting. Volunteers are always needed toenable us to continue to serve our community through this outreach

ROC (Redeeming Our Community)

This is a vast multi-faceted program. ROC includes one to one evangelism, visiting the elderly (who are currently in rehab centers) and connecting with them through games and various other activities. We partner with the Women’s Pregnancy Center through collecting donations and volunteering in their facility. Our ROC volunteers along with LEAD students also go to local parks and distribute food and blankets tothose who are homeless.

We are invested in our local Stafford Schools and support our local Stafford Fire and Police Depts. In 2017 we plan to work with a local trailer park or apartment complex to reach out to the residents through medical exams and music meeting them at their point of need.

In August we give out backpacks and school supplies to assist students and families who are in need. We also donate backpacks to Stafford MSD for their students. Every October we hold an
event which we call “Light the Night” children from Stafford Schools and our community are invited to come to DCH and collect candy from the decorated trunks of our volunteer’s cars.

Angel Tree

Through our Angel Tree Ministry we are able to show God’s love to the children of incarcerated parents by holding our annual Angel Tree dinner. The children and their parent or guardians are invited to a dinner held in our Lighthouse hall, there is music, dance and gifts for every child invited. Donations and volunteers are always needed to make this an event that will create positive memories.

Transformation Ministry

Transformation is the name of our prison ministry. Through our Transformation department we minister to those who are incarcerated in local prisons through teachingof God’s Word and showing the love of God to those behind bars. We also minister to youth who are in the Juvenile Detention Facility by giving relevant answers from God’s Word and creating bonds with the youth thereby encouraging them to live victorious lives.